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DealMeme is a new, free service from Alacra to help you monitor merger and acquisitions around the world.

DealMeme uses the AlacraPulse Curation Engine, which sifts through 3,000 respected traditional media and influential blog sources, which are continuously vetted to maintain top standards. […]

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CICI Self-Registration Data Requires Cleaning and Vetting

We responded to a number of calls following our post last week highlighting the challenges faced by the CICI Utility with regard to self-registration. One call came from a senior executive of the DTCC, who carefully explained that many of the data issues we highlighted were the result of business rules being applied to […]

Ongoing Monitoring–Best Practices

All the financial institutions we’ve worked with have deployed a transaction monitoring system that alerts the bank to suspicious activity. Sophisticated financial institutions have entities exhibiting unusual activity automatically sent to the due diligence team for review. This review results in the KYC information for that entity being updated.

Firms also monitor or refresh their customer […]

By |April 1st, 2013|Alacra, AML and Compliance, Business & Finance, Information Industry, Posts|

Sanctions Lists, PEPs, and Database Checks–Best Practices

Again, communication is critical. Those firms that utilized electronic communication from the relationship manager to the onboarding team had better processes overall. In some cases searches of various databases (sanctions lists, PEPs, adverse news) were run automatically on the verified customer name from the relationship management system. This eliminated re-keying of data, which is a […]

By |March 28th, 2013|Alacra, AML and Compliance, Business & Finance, Information Industry, Posts|

Sanctions Lists, PEPs, and Database Checks–Regulatory Highlights

Nowhere in the regulations are financial institutions instructed to use a proprietary database or conduct a proscribed level of research when onboarding a new customer or counterparty. Yet this is where the bulk of the money is spent: in database costs, workflow tools, and investigative labor. As this is where the money is, we have […]

The Effect of M&A Activity on Reference Data

Although M&A activity picked up late in 2012 and in the first quarter of 2013, overall 2012 was a slow year, as was the entire post-financial crisis period.  Despite low interest rates and huge amounts of cash on corporate balance sheets, M&A activity over the past few years has been subdued.

By |March 22nd, 2013|Alacra, Business & Finance, Information Industry, Posts|

Best Practices in Beneficial Ownership Identification

Identifying beneficial owners is the most difficult part of the onboarding process. In the seven years Alacra has been providing compliance solutions, we have seen the beneficial ownership requirements increase dramatically. Early on, only owners of 50% or greater needed to be identified. Then for several years most institutions were collecting information on 25% and […]

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Compliance Speakers at ACAMS 2013 Remind Everyone to Watch it All

Alacra is visiting ACAMS 2013 in Florida this week, joining our friends and partners in the key KYC compliance space to help firms of all types stay within the bounds of the law.

On the first full day of the conference, we heard from some of the luminaries of the financial crime and compliance space, […]

Lower Your Cost of Compliance with the Latest Release of Alacra Compliance Enterprise

New ACE Features Streamlined Workflow Resulting in Dramatically Reduced Case Investigation Times

We are delighted to announce the latest release of Alacra Compliance Enterprise for global financial institutions. Alacra Compliance Enterprise helps banks and trading firms around the world reduce regulatory, financial, legal, and reputational risk.

If you are not familiar with our compliance solutions, […]

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Best Practices for the Risk Based Approach

Most firms we have spoken to have a set of basic rules in place that are used to assign a risk rating to an entity. These are usually based on geography of the customer, type of customer, kind of business the customer wants to do with the bank and the appropriateness of that business to […]

By |March 6th, 2013|Alacra, AML and Compliance, Business & Finance, Posts|