Jack Plunkett and The Next Boom

Next-Boom In his new book The Next Boom, Jack Plunkett,

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Legal Jargon Glossary

Book of jargon I was poking around a few law firm web sites and came across an interesting find:   The Book of Jargon at the Latham & Watkins site, which […]

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Founders at Work

Founders I just finished the wonderful Steve Wozniak interview from the forthcoming Founders at Work: Stories of Startups’ Early Days by Jessica Livingston.  The Wozniak chapter is available here for […]

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Alacra’s PowerPoint “Book”

First we delivered Alacra Books (Public Information Books) to investment banks as PDF files.  These “books” contained information on a company (news, SEC filings, investment research, executive bios, earnings estimates, etc.) from disparate sources.  We took a time-consuming, manual process and automated it.  We then had requests to create a Microsoft Word version so […]

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Cashing in With Content

Cashing_in_with_contentFellow Knight-Ridder refugee David Scott has a new book out. Cashing In with Content reveals how content-rich web sites engage browsers and turn them into buyers. David analyzes a wide […]

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