It has been over a year since we launched the Periodic Table of Bank Regulations and Compliance, our attempt to catalog and summarize the key AML/KYC rules from around the world. Financial regulations continue to morph and increase in the US, UK, and EU as well as parts of Asia. Our Compliance Team compiled the changes and additions in the past few weeks, and we present them to you today.

Here’s a quick summary of the major changes and additions to our regulatory “elements.”

New Elements

CMIR — Currency and Monetary Instrument Report – the new SAR established by FinCEN.

FCA – Financial Conduct Authority – On April 1, 2013, the FCA succeeded the FSA and CPMA as the main regulator of conduct for the financial industry. The table was updated with the new definition and links.

GLEIS – Global Legal Entity Identifier System – added as the pre-LOUs come on line in 2013.

LEIROC – Legal Entity Identifier Regulatory Oversight Committee – The ROC officially began work in January 2013 as part of the work toward the GLEIS.

MSB – Money Services Business – any business in the US involved in banking-like activities.

PRA – Prudential Regulation Authority (UK) – added as part of the Financial Services Act of 2012 which created the FCA and succeeds the FSA.

SIFI – Systemically Important Financial Institutions – “Too big to fail”

On the Periodic Table of FATCA Acronyms, we also added the following elements:

W8ECI – added the Certificate of Foreign Person’s Claim that income is effectively connected with the conduct of a trade or business in the US. (See: FATCA).

W8EXP – added Certificate of Foreign Government or Other Foreign Organization for foreign special entities to avoid withholding in the US. (See: FATCA).

Updated Elements on the Banking and Compliance Periodic Table

BSA – Bank Secrecy Act – updated definition URL and improved definition to better reflect recent developments.

CA – Collins Amendment – to the Dodd Frank Act now has additional sources.

COREP – Common Reporting Network – Updated sources and definition information.

EDD – Enhanced Due Diligence –

FSC – Financial Supervisory Commission – The Taiwanese securities regulator has updated site information.

LEI – Legal Entity Identifier –updated definitions.

PEP – Politically Exposed Person – updated definitions.

PF – Form PF – This SEC form has updated links.

SAR – Suspicious Activity Report – updated information and definitions due to changes to report format by FinCEN.

OFR – Office of Financial Research (US) – updated definitions.


FSA (FCA) – Financial Services Authority – is now defunct and succeeded by the FCA as of April 1, 2013.

Now that we’ve updated the table, take a look. Did we miss anything? Please send in suggestions for the next update.

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