In a couple of weeks I’ll be attending InfoCommerce 2004 in Philadelphia and I’m on a panel with Patrick Spain of HighBeam Research and Meg Shea-Chiles of Thomson Financial. The session is about the changing nature of content aggregation and the implications for content owners. The InfoCommerce people did an excellent job of prepping the speakers – I got a couple of pages of guidelines and “questions likely on the minds of the audience.” I haven’t figured out my presentation yet but at least two things are becoming clear: 1) Prices for content at the low end will continue to erode, so for aggregators (and publishers) it’s important to focus on higher priced content. 2) Content that seems competitive may be complementary and putting together two databases that more effectively meet a customer’s needs can make 1+1=3. An example is EIU + EcoWin creating World Data.

Any thoughts on new aggregation paradigms are appreciated.