Last October I put together a list and links to 10 articles highlighting the growing importance of curation on the web.  As curation is a big part of the Alacra Pulse value proposition, it’s a subject I keep a close watch on.  So here are ten more interesting pieces I’ve bookmarked recently.  If you’ve seen others, please let me know or add them to the comments.

Why Content Curation is Here to Stay and Content Is No Longer King by Steve Rosenbaum

Curation is now part of the content equation. It doesn’t kill anything, rather it adds a powerful new tool that will make content destinations more relevant, more robust, and more likely to attract and retain visitors. Curation is here to say, though creators should have the ability to create boundaries, both editorial and economic, around what they create and how it is repurposed.

Content Marketing: Definitions of Curation & Context by Lee Odden

Pure creation is demanding. Pure automation doesn’t engage. Curating content can provide the best of both.

The Seven Needs of Real-Time Curators by Robert Scoble

A curator is an information chemist. He or she mixes atoms together in a way to build an info-molecule. Then adds value to that molecule.

Collecting related content isn’t curation by Rex Hammock

We should stop trying to turn “curation” into the “real-time” activity it has never been, unless, perhaps, the curator was standing next to  Picasso in the 1960s.

The Content Strategist as Digital Curator by Erin Scime

The term “curate” is the interactive world’s new buzzword. During content creation and governance discussions, client pitches and creative brainstorms, I’ve watched this word gain traction at almost warp speed. As a transplant from museums and libraries into interactive media, I can’t help but ask what is it about this word that deserves redefinition for the web?

Content Curation for Twitter: How To Be a “Thought Leader DJ” by blogbrevity (Angela Dunn)

A Content Curator is a DJ.  On Twitter, you are mixing content, content that the audience you hope to engage will find–not only interesting–but, irresistible, irresistible enough to comment on, @reply, retweet, share, like, etc. Ultimately, you hope your followers will enlist their followers to follow you because of your great content. Some call it a tribe, but think of it as your own club, a club where you are the DJ and people come to have a good time.

Content Curation: The Secret to becoming a Thought Leader (PDF) by Pawan Deshpande and Chris Brogan

Curation Startup Says It Captures 10,000 Links a Day by Marshall Kirkpatrick

French startup Pearltrees offers a very unique interface for organizing and sharing collections of links from around the web.

Why Flipboard Matters by Alex Wilhem

The first quality set of aggregators never had a chance, FriendFeed did little to help people deal with information overload, in fact it in some ways exacerbated it. Google Buzz was a similar idea lost inside of a popular email application, but it did not help people dig themselves out of the influx of stuff. Digg and Reddit are not personalized enough to keep an individual smiling all of the time. Curation needs to be user-specific.