We got a product update from an Autonomy sales engineer this week and I thought I would check out their stock price before he arrived.  Not too many stock charts look like this right now; Autonomy has been rallying since October.
Autonomy stock chart So I went into Street Pulse to see who had said what when about Autonomy.  While there hadn’t been a lot of coverage, everything was extremely positive.  On October 17 Whit Andrews of Gartner Research wrote about the “Oracle will buy Autonomy” rumor:

Oracle Will Buy Autonomy? I think this rumor makes a lot of sense. Oracle would benefit from the kind of exceptional technological vision that Autonomy offers, and the charisma Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch brings would elevate Oracle substantially in a variety of fields. I can’t help thinking that the money crisis will make Autonomy’s software attractive to a lot of irritable boards, and that raises a real possibility for a nicely accretive buyout. Oracle’s and Autonomy’s cultures would match in many ways, as both vendors seek opportunity vigorously. Autonomy would be a really expensive acquisition, but Oracle doesn’t seem to mind that sort of thing. That said, both companies regular indicate they have no idea where this rumor comes from, even though it keeps coming back.

Next there was a press release dated October 22 which highlighted a report written by Sue Feldman, Vice President for Search and Discovery Technologies at IDC.

In a recently issued assessment of the search and discovery technologies market, IDC, a leading research and strategy firm, reported that Autonomy Corporation plc (LSE: AU. or AU.L) led the worldwide search and discovery market in revenue in 2007. The analyst firm called Autonomy as “the clear revenue leader” in 2007.”At this point, it is clear that Autonomy should no longer be considered purely a search vendor. It builds search-based applications to answer market demands for better information-centric software,” continued Feldman.

Finally, there was a comment by Morgan Stanley analyst James Dawson in a CNNMoney article titled The Stock to Buy When Regulators Call.  The article, published on November 19, raved about Autonomy’s opportunities given the increased regulatory oversight expected in the wake of the financial crisis.

“We see Autonomy as a long term leader,” Morgan Stanley Europe analyst James Dawson said in a report following the company’s third quarter earnings call Oct. 15. Dawson estimates that earnings per share will grow 35% in “a tough year in 2009” for public companies generally. “This business has stronger fundamentals than others we cover,” wrote Dawson, who has a buy rating on the stock.

In this instance the views of a sell-side analyst and two industry analysts were aligned and presaged a big jump in the stock price.  This illustrates the value of bringing as many reputable voices together in one place, which is the goal of Alacra’s Street Pulse.