Business Research Database Periodic TableAlacra was founded on the concept of reducing the time to answer for researchers by bringing together high quality, disparate databases into one simultaneously searchable workflow. Since our humble start in 1996 we have successfully applied this time saving method to Public Information Books, Business Research, Compliance Investigations, and more.

If you use Wikipedia or Google as your main source for making a business case, you may be risking investment dollars on untested data. With hundreds of potential datasets to choose from, though, how do you know which is best for your need?

In past days, I’d say “experience.” These days, I’d say check out the Alacra Periodic Table of Business Research Databases. We’ve been working with over 100 publishers and 200 databases for many years, so we know which databases are suited for specific applications. We took this experience and are sharing it with you in this easy to use format.

Customers of Alacra Book and Alacra Premium are already familiar with many of these databases. In fact, they can search most of them at the same time, saving huge amounts of time better spent on analysis and action. AlacraStore users will also find the “elements” a helpful tool in narrowing their search quickly.

This listing of 135 databases are in 8 categories:

Take a look and let us know if you want to see more databases here.

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