When we last published Inside the LEI in May there were 13 pre-Local Operating Units (LOUs) and about 237,000 entities that had been assigned an LEI. Six months later, there are 19 pre-LOUs and over 311,000 entities have been assigned an LEI. That’s an increase in entities covered of 37%. Our analysis in the spring highlighted the fact that many entities that should have an LEI did not, and that many entities that had been assigned an LEI did not really need them. (Badminton clubs, churches, YMCAs, etc.) There appears to have been some improvement on this score in the most recent additions to the LEI universe, although it is difficult to tell because many of the newly registered entities are located outside the US and are registered in a language other than English. The largest number of new LEI entities are domiciled in Italy and have been registered by the Italian LOU. The Alacra Authority File provides reference data on a universe of over 200,000 entities that are either rated, regulated or listed. This dataset contains most of the common customers and counterparties of large, global financial institutions. The chart below shows the overlap between the listed, rated, or regulated universe and the LEI universe.