AlacralogomedDuring the past eleven years, Alacra has integrated more than one hundred twenty premium content databases into its data warehouse.  But for everyone one which we’ve added, there are probably two or three which we’ve turned down.  We simply haven’t had the time and available resources to load every database which might be of interest to our users.

Until now.

In an effort to simplify the process of loading new databases, Alacra has launched the Alacra Content Marketplace (“ACM”).

Acm1 ACM is a self-service website where publishers can load their content directly into our data warehouse without the need for custom development.  With ACM, publishers large and small can make their content available through our established sales channels – Alacra Premium and the Alacra Store.  For content providers, this provides new outlets to sell their existing products.  Publishers of subscription-based content can now make their content available on a transactional basis without the cost of building or buying their own eCommerce platform.

With ACM, publishers can upload documents, tag them and set their price.  The process is easier than selling something on eBay.  Documents may be loaded individually or uploaded in batch.

Six publishers have already signed up to contribute content via ACM: Audit Integrity, IncreMental Advantage, Mergent, Inc., Pearl Research, SeeNews and Wright Investors’ Service.

For more information on adding your content via the Alacra Content Marketplace, or if you’re an Alacra customer who would like to propose additional content, please contact Ron Waksman at Ron-dot-waksman-at-Alacra-dot-com.