Recently, Alacra spent some time talking to Christian Hartmanshenn, CEO of Kompass, a new Alacra partner about Kompass' long history of expertise in B to B business data and what makes them unique. 

1. Tell us about Kompass:


We are one of the oldest B to B database providers in the business, created in Europe just after WW2 when everything needed to be rebuilt and companies around Europe had a vital need to extend their network. Kompass is a franchisee network and for many years, Kompass was distributed only as a large print directory used by every company in Europe.

Today, Kompass is a domestic and global B to B market place where US companies can benefit from our services:

  • We provide businesses with commercial and marketing (sometimes financial as well) information on companies through our B to B database. We help them in their prospecting activity to find the right customer, supplier, or distributor no matter where the location is, as we have an international presence.
  • We enable businesses to advertise their profile on our website and to be contacted by buyers looking to purchase their products or services. With more than 7 million visits each month, they have not only a worldwide visibility, but direct contact from buyers.

Kompass is part of the Coface Global Network, with a direct presence in 67 countries, spanning across 5 continents, and is one of the most trusted international database providers.

2. How has the business changed in recent years?

Kompass is now Kompass-usa.com and has evolved into a global market place online. Now our customers can:

  • Prospect new clients or suppliers with our database of 2.6 million B to B companies.
  • Get financial information on strategic European countries.
  • Advertise their company and get international exposure.
  • Send direct requests for quotations for the products they are looking for.

Kompass evolved a lot with the internationalization of the internet. We quickly switched from print directories to an online platform to follow the trends. Now, our customers can do much more, our services bring them more opportunities and that is what matters to us.

3. What makes your content unique?

What is unique about Kompass is that the databases are collected locally in each of our 67 branches across 5 continents. Each franchise is in charge of updating and maintaining its own database. These local operations bring a quality level that has no equivalent in the market.

On the other hand, we are really consistent with our content. We strive to provide the same level of information whatever the country, the industry or the size of the company. We believe buyers appreciate this differentiation point.

4. How would you describe your coverage?

The worldwide database has 2.6 millions companies, 4.6 millions executive names, 1.6 millions direct and corporate emails. 

We are about to finish a major overhaul for the North American database that will be 411,000 companies with more than 1 million emails, most of them direct.

5. What are some typical uses for Kompass content?

  • Companies with a B to B activity (sales, marketing, export departments). For instance, a Marketing Department can create or improve their email campaigns thanks to our ability, and continuous effort, in keeping email addresses current and accurate.
  • An Export Department can target international distributors and agents thanks to our advanced search.
  • Sales Departments can create their prospect database or keep their database current and accurate.
  • Case in Point: US Department of Commerce subscribes to Kompass to help potential US exporters find clients abroad by using our international database.

5. What does your consumer like best about Kompass:

As a global market place, Kompass is a business facilitator. Our customers around the world like the possibility of reading our website in their local language.

They like the possibility to be able to advertise their products and company internationally.

They like the unique Kompass classification with 57,000 products and service keywords that make their research so much easier and more precise.

If a company is involved in B to B, Kompass is a powerful resource to reach your target.


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