Latest third party review validates Alacra’s investment in a flexible onboarding platform

New York – August 1, 2013: – Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of business information solutions for financial institutions and professional service firms is delighted to announce the latest third party review of Alacra Compliance Enterprise from FreePint, a provider of content industry news and reviews.

FreePint reviewer Sophie Alexander described the service as “an easy product to use and the latest release includes several improved features that allow users to better screen, onboard, and monitor clients.” The review, entitled “Lowering the Cost of Compliance with Alacra Compliance Enterprise” walks through each of the key workflow sections of the tool, including the Investigation Queue, Entity Search, Investigation, Investigation Report, and Management Statistics.

“More flexibility” includes Alacra’s configurable workflow system, which is designed to rapidly adapt the application to the preferred workflow of the client. Flexibility enhancements also mean a new API connector called Alacra Compliance Messaging Service (ACMS). With ACMS, Alacra can help financial institutions connect multiple internal databases to conduct secure batch processing and delivery of data. These enhancements ensure faster deployment times than other tools available in the marketplace.

Vice President of Risk Products, Tom Cosgove said, “We are pleased to work again with the professionals at FreePint to evaluate our progress with the Alacra Compliance Enterprise platform.  We continue to be client led as we prioritize enhancements to the platform, allowing clients to leverage continuous improvements for their on-boarding and remediation efforts. By continuing to expand the content available through the platform and reacting to the ever changing regulatory climate, Alacra is well placed to help financial institutions with the current and future needs.”

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