A good friend of mine recently left his job to start his own business with another friend. They’ve been working on their idea “on-the-side” for a while and recently made the jump. My guess is that not many readers of AlacraBlog are planning to start their own business anytime soon. But, if there are any fledgling entrepreneurs in the audience, there are some excellent blogs being written by some very successful VCs. Fred Wilson is on Alacra’s Board of Directors and his blog was one of the first I started reading. Although Fred covers music, politics and general business issues in addition to the VC world, http://avc.blogs.com/ is both valuable and fun to read. Fred’s former partner Jerry Colonna http://madeleines.typepad.com/madelines/ is also somewhat eclectic in his coverage, but he recently starting writing a column for Inc. magazine which I’m certain will be a big help for entrepreneurs. Other favorites include Ed Sim’s Beyond VC http://www.beyondvc.com/ and Brad Feld’s Feld Thoughts http://www.feld.com/blog/.