Compliance Workflow Solutions

Alacra reduces the financial burden of KYC and AML compliance with innovative, cost-effective SAAS solutions. Alacra consolidates multiple activities into one streamlined workflow, eliminating time consuming and error prone data. Alacra drives dramatic productivity gains and removes inconsistencies for efficient, effective compliance.

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Reference Data Solutions

Alacra Reference Data facilitates Know Your Customer (KYC) compliance by significantly reducing the time and effort to accurately and uniquely identify clients, counterparties and vendors. Alacra matches together multiple data sources to create one clean, de-duped and consistently formatted entity data file. With almost 20 years of experience cross-referencing and mapping, we are truly the “Rosetta Stone” of entity identifiers.

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Why Alacra

Alacra is a world leader in KYC, AML and Reference Data services for regulatory compliance. Alacra develops workflow applications that enable 300,000 end users at over 200 financial institutions, professional service firms and corporations to find, organize, analyze and present mission-critical business information.